The publisher of Political Theology is the Saint Nicholas Foundation, a polish social organisation that carries out several public awareness campaigns to raise awareness of the situation in the workplace for expectant mothers after maternity leave, highlight the plight of orphans in Poland and support small, family-led orphanages and, in memory of John Paul II, give out scholarships to gifted but impoverished students, allowing them to continue their studies. The Foundation would kindly appreciate all your donations, which would go directly into supporting its various projects.

Political Theology, too, is a volunteer-led effort and relies on donations to continue its work, such as its yearly journal and other events, such as the debates and discussions it organises. A donation would be very much appreciated and used fully to spread the political and philosophical message of the journal.

Make a donation! Support Political Theology!

Donations can be made via a bank transfer to the following Swift bank account:

PKO BP 18 1440 1387 0000 0000 1092 6483 IBAN: PLSWIFT (BIC): BPKOPLPW

Please note that the above account belongs to the Saint Nicholas Foundation as a whole; if you wish for your donation to just go towards further development of Political Theology, please specify so in the transfer. Thank you in advance.

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