The very name "political theology" strikes fear into many. It seems like an unnatural, dangerous combination of religious and secular ideas, of different forms of thinking, authority and a blend of two often directly opposing world views. We do, however, face up to the challenge of that seemingly impossible task. Instead of following the exclusive paths of humanism and secularism, we are attempting to play upon the similarities between politics and theology, taking into account their long history, various forms and past integration as well. The point of this exercise is not, of course, to politicise religion or canonicalise politics, but rather to use our knowledge of theology to further develop our understanding of politics. We believe that, without political theology, a serious reflection on the various issues of society is futile and that political philosophy only deserves its recognition when political theology is cast into the picture as well.


Political theology has never been a popular creed in Poland. Under the communists, relations between the religious and the political spheres were treated either indirectly, as a social science, or within the constraints of the Marxist doctrine. Paradoxically, little changed after the fall of communism. A fear of dangerous ideologies, such as religious extremism and nationalism, led to a clear line separating religious and socioeconomic thought. Recently, however, as debate has grown in the West about the role of religion in the public sphere, interest in the subject has also grown in Central and Eastern Europe.


Political Theology is a philosophical yearly which concentrates on this field of inquiry, considering social affairs from a religious perspective. Launched in 2003 and edited by Marek A. Cichocki and Dariusz Karłowicz, it is the only journal in Poland to combine political, economic, philosophical and religious issues. It aims to be a forum for philosophical and theological public debate and to inspire wider discussion on the theological aspects of public life. It publishes essays on a broad range of subjects affecting the modern world as well as translations of articles on political theology previously published abroad. But Political Theology is more than just a journal: we regularly organize lectures, seminars and debates with the participation of some of the most prominent figures in the Polish political, academic and intellectual world. While we wish to cater for a wide audience, students and young academics remain our primary focus.

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